About Us

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABrookings Harbor Food Bank was established in 1984 by a group of citizens who recognized a need to assist hungry families. The food bank was originally in a local church’s hall, then over the years made three more moves to larger spaces. In 2006 a property within the city limits of Brookings was donated to the food bank. Through generous donations from local residents and grants from the Ford Family Foundation and The Collins Foundation the food bank was able to construct a state-of-the-art distribution warehouse, a long standing dream come true. Lease payments, or mortgage payments were no longer necessary. Those savings are now applied to food purchases.

In 2012 the food bank has distributed 3,105 boxes containing nutritious food to 9,713 clients. An additional 10,333 were given supplemental food in between monthly boxes. There were 1,126 new clients during this time period who requested service.

The Food Bank strives to maintain our client’s dignity by offering a shopping style system whereby each person chooses the products that are needed for individual situations. The system not only empowers the client it allows the food bank to operate on a no-waste concept.

With generous product and monetary donations from individuals, clubs, churches and businesses, and with food drives conducted by local organizations and schools during 2012, the food bank still found it necessary to spend over $26,000 in food purchases.

The statistics sited above lay out the continuing need for assistance from the community. Without this assistance the food bank would no longer be able to help the families who need A HAND UP, NOT A HAND OUT